Ways of working with me:

A Clarity Session – A Single Focused Coaching Session
A 90 minute + 20 minute one on one session to gain clarity and see life from a different perspective. Sometimes we just need a powerful transformational conversation that inspires us to begin that movement forward. Plus, a scheduled 20 minute session in two weeks’ time for extra support.

  • A 90-minute one on one session (either in person or via Zoom)

  • A clear view on what you desire and what happiness looks like for you

  • A vision on what your next step is and how to take immediate action

  • A guided meditation on unblocking and letting go of a belief that is holding you back and no longer serves you

  • Tools that will support you in changing your story and propel you forward into a life you want

  • After the session, you will receive access to two resources that will help you create a practice of daily gratitude and a guide to help you rewire old beliefs and habits one step at a time

  1. We schedule a session.
  2. I email you a pre-session questionnaire that you return so I have an overview of how I can best serve you.
  3. You’ll then receive an invoice that you can settle through Paypal or Direct Deposit that must be settled before your Strategy Session.
  4. We’ll then spend 90mins together on ZOOM, a wonderful Video Conference Platform, where we dive.
  5. After our session we schedule another 20-minute session in two weeks’ time for extra support and clarity and access to the two resources to create lasting impact

Working with me in a three-month mentoring program
On this amazing three-month journey, you and I will work together through mentoring and coaching where I guide you to be the best version of yourself. You will be able to look back and feel so much appreciation for where you have come from, where you are going and where you stand ‘now’.
You are worthy of the best things that life has in store for you! You are amazing, and you have incredible gifts that you were born with!

Working with me, in a three-month program you begin to create the life you desire one step at a time.

We explore your life’s structures in a loving, compassionate and supportive way to find your what, your why and the how you can begin to live the life you know is inside of you.  You can begin to authentically serve yourself, the people that you love and the world around you.

Heres’ how

  • Create and deepen your own spiritual practice

  • Create better loving relationships with your loved ones on purpose

  • I teach through my own stories so that you can find your voice and your own stories

  • We unblock the negative, limiting beliefs and begin to explore and shift to connect with the true authentic you, taking 100% responsibility for ourselves through guided meditations, visualizations, affirmations, rewriting your story and stretching outside of our comfort zone

  • We commit to each other and hold each other accountable to stand in our power

  • You will learn all the tools that I used one kind, loving small (sometimes big) step at a time to live the life that you were born here to live.  A life of joy, appreciation, fun and creation

  • We will create a private messenger page where I share videos, meditations, visualization and inspiration for further support in between the sessions and spot coaching

  • You are always supported as you go through the 3-month program and have an ability to continue

  1. We schedule a discovery session either in person or via Zoom (a wonderful private video conference platform)
  2. In this session we discover how I can best serve you. How you see your life now and how you want it to be.
  3. Once you decide to work together we set up the three-month program. The first month we meet weekly for 4 weeks and the following two months is bi-weekly.  That equates to 9 sessions.
  4. You’ll then receive an invoice that you can settle through Paypal or Direct Deposit that must be settled before we begin the program.  (An installment plan is available).
  5. We also set up a messenger group for just us where I share spot coaching, and many other resources that will be of great support in-between sessions.