Working with You, The Individual

“This journey changed my life. It helped me access my emotions and use them to live life in the present moment. I learned wonderful skills like journaling and re-writing my story. Because of this, my relationship with my husband and my children improved dramatically and my work environment got better. I was able to use these skills in all areas of my life.”

Simone Senff

“Doing this journey was something I have never done before. I was a little hesitant at first, not sure if I would have the time and the money. But I made the decision, and it was the best investment I could have made. I empowered myself in ways that I didn’t even know I could in such a short time.”

Janet H.

“This has been an incredibly powerful journey and I’m excited at how aware I am in my own actions and the ability to create the life I deserve and want.  I learned where my energy goes my energy flows.  I have the ability to choose to respond to all situations with kindness and ease.  Inna, your energy comes through the screen and inspires growth and awakening every week.  The positivity is infectious and empowering.”

Mel Suasua

In February 2020 I had a long-awaited hysterectomy having been in daily pain for the previous two years, two weeks after my operation the pain came back, albeit not as bad, but still bad enough to induce vomiting daily. I was once again at my wits end and considered giving up work as could not cope with the amount of pain.  I was functioning at a zero quality of life which was impacting my whole family.

I came across a post from Inna and thought what I have got to lose?  I had this inner feeling that if I didn’t commit to this then there was no hope of ever having my life back.

Six weeks into our journey and the pain had virtually gone, I felt hope, I then reached 6 weeks of pain free living, I couldn’t believe it, but then I became complacent and the pain, although severely reduced, returned.  This was a lesson learnt, I need to continually put the work in to gain the results.  And once again I’m living virtually pain free. I have my life back, and the odd blips I cope with.  This isn’t the only benefit.  My whole life has changed in so many ways that roll up into one big magical experience.

I can honestly say that Inna has changed my life and I now know I have hope and belief as long as I put the work in, anything is possible.

Joanne Gooddy

Thanks so much for being part of my journey to emotional recovery.

I’m learning so many new things of myself!  There is a new calmness within me that is really helping me cope with the day’s challenges.

Karin Oliver

This journey with Inna was Intuitive.  Inna knows what to say to stretch my learning, growing, and creating.  It was Powerful as the energy was inspiring, supportive and loving.  It’s a truthful experience; through Inna’s coaching I was able to completely open up, be myself, tell my truth, be vulnerable and heal a huge trauma from my past.  An experience I was holding in my entire body for many many years. Inna’s gentle guidance and fear releasing meditations allowed me to open up completely, release and come out the other end feeling and believing completely differently about that trauma. It helped me see the world in a much more loving, supporting, and nurturing light which I now want to live by.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Inna, you are most amazing and absolutely fantastic at what you do, making such a difference to people’s lives!

Sidonia Greenbank

This work never stops to impress me! My back, neck, shoulders, jaw and head pain have gone, and I slept amazingly well after our meditation on Monday. Feeling so blessed and loved! Can’t express in words what this work means to me and how much different my life has been 🙂 <3

Larissa Cain

“This journey was fabulous. It forced me to show up for myself every Wednesday at 8.30pm. I loved that commitment I made to myself. I will have to go through it again as there was a lot to take in and put into practice. Self- development is a continuous process, so I am grateful for the sessions being recorded. My main learning was about self-responsibility. I am

responsible for me. I was in blame mode before. Now, I am in control of how I want to live my life. There are daily tools I can use. My days are brighter and happier. Thank you, Inna.”

Zarina Ginai

“I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of this journey and receive the support and guidance to improve my life which influenced my children’s life and my husband too. The deep dive session gave me a big wakeup call in a positive way to take responsibility for myself. Changing my focus from seeing the lack to positive has already had a positive change to my life especially with my husband and children. Inna’s energy and attention were amazing. I felt instantly connected. It was helpful having the sessions recorded to go back and revisit. Thank you.”

Anna H.

“The first time I heard Inna speak, I knew that there was so much I could learn from her. Her ‘before’ story was my current reality and I wanted her to teach me and give me the tools to become the ‘after’! Inna radiates happiness, love and light and I too wanted that!

She has given me the tools and the support to find out who that is and how to work towards achieving that sense of inner peace, to find my inner light and to be present. Basically, how to access the real and best version of myself.”

Bronwyn Abbott

Working with Your Children, One to One Journey

Having someone you love struggle with debilitating anxiety and depression is one of the hardest things I’ve had to face as a Mother. This condition is not constant, it ebbs and waves, which makes it difficult to understand. We tried talking to school councillor’s, GP, tried alternative therapy and a psychologist with no success. I came across Innerlightenend by chance and saved it “just in case”. During a particular bad “episode” and trying desperately to find help, I remembered the “just in case” save and after discussing it we decided to give it a try. We reached out and managed to get a session pretty soon with Inna. Immediately we felt at peace and we knew we had found the person who was going to help us. We felt heard, seen and acknowledged. The progress is mind blowing and the transformation is amazing. I am so grateful that we met Inna and for her guidance and love. Thank you, just doesn’t seem enough. But I know, you know, what it means to us.

Kim de Kock, 16 year old Daughter

I am a Mother, a Grandmother and a BFF of 9 year old. When we approached Inna about helping with our Grandchild that had seen a lot of sadness and death, and who did not know how to understand and live those emotions, we felt we were at the last resort place in time. We were lost and did not know how to console or help our child. Working with Inna has been an awakening. We are so grateful that we made the decision to invest our time in this journey. We have moved forward from an angry sad child that was constantly striking out. To a child that isn’t perfect but she is happier and open, she talks and expresses herself, she is aware of her feelings and how to understand them. Our Child is happy again they are dancing again, their voice has opened up and there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. Equally as importantly we are more aware of them and have learnt how to be present with them – in support, guidance and love.
To you Inna we are eternally grateful. We will continue the work. We will keep in touch and yes there will be dance choreography for you again!
Thank you for guiding My BFF back to her sunshine.
Evie Lane.

Evie Lane, 9 year old Granddaughter
Taylor has been much more balanced and even when she says she is feeling worried she knows what to do. She said today she has stopped feeling like it’s never going to end. She isn’t relying on me as much now either and is using the journaling and meditation instead.  I feel like I have my daughter back.
Thank you for taking her on this journey, and me along with her.
Sharon, 15 year old Daughter

Working with Your Children in a Workshop

She loved the workshops! She was buzzing every time she came home from one and she was so happy to sit down with me, talk about and explain what she learnt…It was so good too when she was having a ‘tricky’ time during the week of course to hear her talk of ‘power shifting!

Mother, 9-year-old Daughter
Leanne was feeling sadness and frustration for her son as he wasn’t thriving in an environment that he should have been thriving in. He had a bad experience of being dropped from a top sports team and was lacking confidence, not performing to the best of his ability and was doubting himself in many areas of his life.
“(The workshop began on a Monday) – Our son was booked into water polo camp for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening the same week as this course. He was apprehensive on the Tuesday and then he had an aha moment at poolside. The Monday session taught him about limiting beliefs – he realized why he wasn’t giving everything he had in the pool. He realized that the result of being dropped from the team made him believe that he wasn’t good enough. At that moment he changed his thinking, his belief in himself, and hopped in the pool with ‘I am great at water polo, I will show them how good I really am.’ This paid off as he was chosen by the head coach to demonstrate every new task for the entire 3 days. There were 12-16-year-old boys in this camp. My son is 12.
The impact of this one aha moment is doing great things for his confidence. Long may this continue.”
Leanne also shared, “I have tried to teach my son similar content to this workshop but being his mother, he didn’t listen. The fact that I can see him ‘believing’ in himself more and more has reduced my frustration and increased my smile that he will be able to be the best him that he can be.” “Thank you, Inna.”
Here’s what her son had to say [to mum]:
“Thank you so much mum for making me do this”
Leanne, 12 year old Son

My daughter is happier in general. She helps with what I am doing and is finding it easier to give things a go. Having a group of girls in the same boat as herself helped remind her that she’s not alone.

Mother of a 10-year-old Daughter

Thank you so much for all the things you have taught me. Now I feel more confident in myself and don’t worry as much of what other people think of me. I have enjoyed all of your classes and will miss seeing you. Lots of Love.

Kendal (11 years old)

“Amber is a child who feels the ‘weight of the world’ on her shoulders. She was very withdrawn, putting on a brave face, falling behind in school work. After lockdown she was struggling to interact with people in a group situation.  Her teacher contacted me towards the end of term 2 with serious concerns about her behaviour.  Excluding herself from group projects and would often be found crying in class in the corner.  I found Amber was lying to me and wasn’t communicating. I knew something wasn’t right but didn’t know how to help her.

It was a very tense, stressed household.  I felt I was failing as a parent and was seriously questioning my parenting.

After the course, I caught up with her class teacher 2 days into the school term 3 and she said she had already noticed a difference in Amber’s behaviour in class.  She was putting her hand up and answering questions.

Amber has been happy and more balanced and a ‘nicer’ person at home too.  The Amber I know.  We have since had lots of laughs and some fun family times.  We are in a better space.

Inna is a fabulous, inspiring lady who clearly has a special connection with the children.

Melissa Miller, 10 Year old Daughter
We started with the first workshop because my daughter was having some issues at school with some “friends” who became mean. She became very anxious and worried about every little thing and became unwilling to give new things a go.
This lead to her no longer wanting to go to school and worrying constantly. She stopped wanting to try new things because she was sure she’d fail and be made fun of. She worried at night and she wasn’t sleeping well because of it.
At home the anxiety was exhausting (both figuratively and literally) for all of us – nothing we did seemed to help although we did our best to support and encourage it wasn’t enough. It was heart-breaking to see her feeling so down and anxious.
In the workshops she learned that while she couldn’t control what others said and did, she could control how she reacted to it and used the strategies provided to find an inner peace and a belief in herself again.
She eventually stood up for herself and informed the others that the way they were treating her wasn’t OK and not how friends treat each other, then she walked away and found a new group of friends.
I couldn’t have been more proud that day.
As she has gone on to go to more workshops and learn a wide variety of tools and skills, I am continually impressed at how she handles big and small things that come her way.
We continued with the workshops because we saw how much she was getting from them and the amazing, positive effect it was having on her.
Now, we have such open and honest conversations together, we’re more relaxed, trusting and happier. And sleeping better.
She loves going to coaching and sharing the stories with other kids and then coming home and sharing them with us.
Inna is always so encouraging, supportive and patient with the kids and the parents. I’ve seen such wonderful results in my child and other children in her workshops. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Kim, 9 Year old Daughter