Hi, I am Inna and I am so excited that you are here!

I want to share with you why we have more in common than you might think… Here’s my story…

Today, I live in New Zealand with my family and I am a certified Wisdom & Intuitive-Transformational Life Coach.   I teach a powerful system of empowerment to children and families through local workshops, speaking engagements, one on one coaching and mentoring. I mentor parents and individuals’ worldwide teaching empowerment and living fully and consciously.

My life’s work is also focused on freeing old energy blocks and limiting beleifs through meditation to help individuals experience personal freedom. In 2016, I created my company called “Innerlightened” – drawing upon my own depth of personal inquiry of living life fully which lead me to learn from incredible leaders on living life on purpose, how our minds work, metaphysics, and so much more.   I have a background in child psychology and received my Diploma in Mental Health and Holistic Well-being.  My work has transformed the lives of hundreds of children, families (including my own family), and individuals from limiting thoughts and beliefs to a place of empowerment by thriving and living “on purpose and with purpose.”

But my life didn’t start out that way

Taking you back to the beginning, at the age of one, my parents and I left Ukraine in 1973 in search of a better life and arrived in the United States in 1974. We settled in Brooklyn, New York. Most of my life was shaped by the American Culture and of Russian Jewish upbringing.

At a very young age, I knew that I was different.

Unlike other children, or so I thought, I was able to sense and feel the emotions of others and connect to people on a soulful level. But it was challenging at times and I often felt isolated and lonely… like I didn’t belong or fit in. This cover story became my truth which led to low self-esteem and a belief that I was not good enough. This struggle with limiting thoughts and beliefs carried into my adult years.

I met my husband in New York and started a family at the young age of 23. We had 2 children together in New York moved to New Zealand at 33 years old and had 2 more children. (My oldest is 22 yr. and youngest is 6 yr.). This for me was no easy task. I attempted to find balance and sanity through the emotional challenges and feelings of unworthiness. I would hit the “highest of highs and the lowest of lows”.

I thought I needed my husband to change, my children to listen and the world around me to be a nicer place so I could be happy. Most of all, my biggest guilt was that I really wasn’t the parent I wanted to be. I was so lost on the inside and took out a lot of my frustrations on my children, my husband and the world. I often tried to change things but fell short and went back to old habits. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard!

My breakthrough came at 39 years old when I finally listened to “the internal voice within” and applied a series of personal inquiries into the nature of my life’s purpose. Not the big purpose but the purpose of everyday.

Clarity came in the form of a question…

”What if I am doing this all wrong?”

This question led me on a journey to search for “the right way” for me. I aligned myself with amazing teachers, leaders and coaches while making a commitment to myself to put into practice everything I was learning. I studied the power of our minds and emotions and how they shape our world. I discovered many life changing skills and habits, Habits that have had a lasting impact on my life and my family’s life.

And here’s the secret… I put into practice what I was learning. I made a decision, a commitment to myself that I was important. (What a concept, Huh?)

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done before.”

Thomas Jefferson

“It is more important what I think and feel about myself than what anyone else thinks of me”

What I received back from the people in my life was unimaginable

My relationship with my husband transformed into one of understanding, friendship, respect and love.

I started to appreciate my children for the reasons they are in my life and they started appreciating me more. Day by day, I was able to break free from the mental and emotional pain and began to live life fully. In appreciation, on purpose in the present and with more joy and connection to my true self.

With all that, my life’s “big” purpose came to me. I discovered many other skills and gifts that could help others do the same.

When living fully in appreciation in the present moment, your life’s purpose finds you

I knew I wanted to help and support families through the journey’s they’re on.

To help navigate them through life with an open heart and an open mind. To help them build a strong sense of self, create high self-esteem, and the confidence to choose the path they want to lead while creating loving relationships.

This is my purpose because my inner child wishes there had been someone to teach me these lessons. I understand the important role these teachings play in growing happy, healthy children and parents.

“The biggest commitment you must keep is your commitment to yourself.”

Neale Donald Walsch

Inna Neal

Everything begins with a decision and a commitment to yourself.

Is it important enough for you? Is there anything more important?

My deepest appreciation for you being here with me. Taking the time to read my story.

Where ever you are right now, you are amazing and remember there is not one extra person on this planet. Your Joy matters.

Sending so much light and love to you,