Innerlightened Kids & Families

Based on the Adventures in Wisdom Programme

We create a safe environment that is built on trust, honesty and respect

Inna Neal has worked with over 100 children and families, and through her guidance they:

  1. Grow their self-confidence and self-esteem to live their life on purpose.
  2. Learn how to use their emotions as their GPS system to respond to their experiences as appose to reacting.
  3. Feel empowered to live their dream without allowing other people’s opinions to dim them.

At Innerlightened Kids, we create a safe environment that is built on trust, honesty and respect. In this environment, we explore limiting beliefs and learn to shift them to supportive beliefs all through powerful stories and activities.

We learn to connect to our guidance system (our emotions) along with tools and skills that to help us become leaders in our own lives and respond to our life experiences in a meaningful way rather than react to them.


Inna Neal

I am a certified Wisdom & Intuitive-Transformational Life Coach.   I teach a powerful system of empowerment to children and families through local workshops, speaking engagements, one on one coaching and mentoring. I mentor parents and individuals’ worldwide teaching empowerment and living fully and consciously.

Private Coaching:
In this setting the we explore certain beliefs that the individual child/children hold, we utilise tools and skills that are specific to the child’s needs to enable them to create new beliefs systems that are more in line with their true selves. Parents are also involved and taught the same skills to apply to their lives, so they can support and reinforce them into their child’s daily lives.
A tailored coaching program is developed to the specific challenges of the child and family. This also can include Emotional Freedom Technique and/or Guided Meditations.


In this setting, we focus on exploring and learning about skill sets as a group. There are multiple workshops that could run in succession which allow the children to explore 28 skills that will assist them in all types of life experiences. Workshops are facilitated by Inna Neal or Ansua Coetser.

The benefit of workshops is that children often learn that they are not alone with some of the beliefs or emotions they hold, that others often experience events in a similar way and this can be therapeutic. They can share their experiences and learnings with their peers and learn from each other as well as the coach.

Explore 28 different skills in custom-designed workshops

In a workshop, we provide…

  • Powerful stories where kids don’t feel lectured. They easily relate to the characters and lessons the characters go through, as well as the practical skills they can practice to become the best version of themselves.
  • We have discussions about the stories and how they can relate that to themselves.
  • They receive a full bound workbook and  worksheets to keep practicing at home.*
  • They receive a take home sheet so that you (the Parent/care giver) can continue the conversation at home.
  • We also do a different kinesthetic activity for each skill (they love that).
*I provide all materials (a bound workbook, Visual boards to support the skills, and all materials for each activity we do…one for each skill.  All your child needs a writing journal…any kind.


Kids understand how their minds work. Understanding why will give them confidence that they too can develop powerful self-confidence and achieve their goals.

  • Our Emotions – “How to use our emotions as our GPS”
  • How our mind shapes our world – “Who’s Flying Your Plane”
  • Power of possibility – “Why You Achieve What You Believe”
  • Building neural pathway – “How to Create Your Path to Success”
  • The secret radar in your brain – “Your Radar to Achieve Your Goals”
  • Power Shifting – “How to choose your power even when things don’t go your way”

In this skills theme set, there are six skills: The first four help them to understand and develop their inner, core values and the last two teach them how to make good decisions with those values and how to say no to peer pressure.

  • Self-Responsibility – “How to be the Boss of Me “
  • Choosing Integrity – “What You do When No One Else is Looking”
  • Respect – “Understanding Your Impact on Others
  • Self-Respect – “Understanding Your Impact on You”
  • Decision Making – “What do I choose for me”
  • Peer Pressure- “How to Say YES to You and NO to Peer Pressure”
    These skills focus on developing soaring self-esteem (“I like Me”) and powerful self-confidence (“I believe in Me”). Together, these two skills impact on how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to other people, how we handle obstacles, challenges and circumstances, and what we achieve in our lives.
  • I Love Me – “How to Develop Soaring Self-esteem”
  • I Honour Me! – “How to be Yourself and Honour Your Uniqueness”
  • I Believe in Me – “How to Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence”
  • Self- Talk – “Mastering the Secret Behind Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence”
  • Self-Coaching – “How to Conquer Ups and Downs and Create Daily Mastery”

Children learn how to bust through fear, mistakes, failure, and change.

  • Overcoming Mistakes – “How to Learn from Mistakes and Let Them Go”
  • Managing Fear – “How to Create Courage and Bust Outside of Your Comfort Zone”
  • Moving Past failure – “How to ‘put it in a box’ and Keep on Going”
  • Handling Change – “How to Embrace Change and Thrive”
  • Conditional Thinking – “If Then….When?”

The skills under this theme introduce our children to a three-step process for creating a life of their dreams.

  • Vision – “How to Create a Vision for Your Life”
  • Goal Setting – “How to Turn Your Vision into Action”
  • Law of Attraction – “Using Attraction and Action to Manifest Your Goal”
  • Visualization – “How Winning in Your Mind Creates Winning in Your Life”
  • Affirmations – “How to Program Your Mind to Reach Your Goals”
  • Gratitude – “How an Attitude of Gratitude Prepares You for Your Dreams”

“She loved the workshops! She was buzzing every time she came home from one and she was so happy to sit down with me, talk about and explain what she learnt…It was so good too when she was having a ‘tricky’ time during the week of course to hear her talk of ‘power shifting!’

Mother whose 9-year-old daughter participated in Innerlightened Kids workshops

“My daughter is happier in general. She helps with what I am doing and is finding it easier to give things a go. Having a group of girls in the same boat as herself helped remind her that she’s not alone.”

Mother of a 10-year-old girl who attended workshops - 2017

“Thank you so much for all the things you have taught me. Now I feel more confident in myself and don’t worry as much of what other people think of me. I have enjoyed all of your classes and will miss seeing you. Lots of Love”

Kendal, 2018 (11 years old)